Cosplay +Sz 3rd Anniversary 2017

11 marzo, 2017

11 marzo, 2017

10:00 am a 4:00 pm

Parque Luis Muñoz Rivera, San Juan


Event Description

Cosplay Picnic and Photoshoot

Cosplay +Sz 3rd Anniversary 2017Greetings! It is that time again, when we celebrate our movement of diversity and integration in the cosplay community. Your hosts work hard to put this event together and run it as smoothly as possible. We request you follow a few rules to ensure a safe, friendly, and fun environment for everyone around.


• 10:00a – Welcome
• 10:30a – 12:00m – First round of photos
• 12:00 m- 1:00p – Trivia Games & Snacks
• 01:00 p- 1:30p – Group Pictures
• 01:30p – 3:00p – Second round of photos
• 03:00p – 3:30p – Snacks & Games Break
• 03:30p – 4:00p – Closing


• Don’t worry cosplay is not required, you can attend to share with others and take pictures.
• There is no entry fee for this event, this is a free event. But if you want to use the parking lot of the park, you must pay its fees.
• We will not be canceling or moving the Event, unless there’s a hurricane.
• The park is a public space, but please note that we have the right to remove anyone from the premise of our event due to behavioral issues or failure to comply to our rules and policy.
• If you are not of legal age (18 years), you MUST be escorted or accompanied by a parent, guarding or adult that will be responsible for you and your safety.


1. No bullying or harassing people: this include but not limited to threats, motions, verbal or physical attacks.
2. Be mindful of other peoples’ cosplays. Be respectful to people not in cosplay as well as others in cosplay. On this day we outnumber the normal civilians in the park. We want to make sure we are welcomed for future activities.
3. Is important to be mindful of civilians not involved in the event, previous experiences have taught us that families and kids will approach us with questions, be courteous and respectful.
4. No glomping, tackling, rough housing, or wrestling.
5. No stealing. You must watch over your own items.
6. Be mindful of Photographers taking photos so you do not walk in front of them or obstruct their shots.
7. No littering. We will have trash bag available please use them.
8. Wear sun screen.
9. No climbing the trees
10. Stay off the Gazeebo. Unless you have pay for their use.
11. Follow the park rules, they are there for your safety.
12. If you are approached by a cop, security guard, or park staff COMPLY AND LISTEN to them, if necessary tell them where the main hosts are.
13. No working projectiles. If you are using an air soft weapon as your prop, this cannot be loaded. You will be asked to remove any BB’s or ammunitions.
14. Make sure to stay within the group and not to wonder off too far, if you a minor your chaperone or guarding is responsible for you at every time.


1. Food is NOT supplied; we will share from what everyone brings.
2. If you bring something to share, please label the ingredients CLEARLY (mind that some people may have allergies).
3. Bring your own food.
4. Bring your own water plus extra.
5. Bring a blanket to sit on.
6. Bring your own umbrella if needed (no tents).


1. Photos are welcome in the park, but please ask the people you wish to photograph first. As photographing people who don’t want to be even after they say no can be harassment, and even against the law in some cases.
2. There’s going to be professional photographers, if you have a previous arrangement with them, please keep them separate from our activity.
3. Be respectful, no up skirts or racy shots. (We are at a family park).
4. Be mindful of people around you so you don’t get in their way of taking pictures.


1. PG Event. Keep it covered.
2. Please abstain from using body paint
3. Dress for the weather.
4. Foot wear is a must.
5. No large props.
6. No working projectiles. If you are using an air soft weapon as your prop, this cannot be loaded. You will be asked to remove any BB’s or ammunitions.
7. No water shooters nor water balloons.


1. You will be given a warning based on the severity of the issue.
2. We will only warn you up to 2 time
3. You will be asked to leave the event pending warnings or severity of the issue(s)
4. You can be banned from certain events in correlation to the picnic pending severity of issue(s)
5. You will be banned and removed from the Cosplay +SZ page and event page, pending severity of issue(s)
6. We take safety and harassment very seriously and we will not hesitate to remove anyone if to secure the safety of the most.


If you want to help us with the logistics and performances of the activity you can be a volunteer.
1. You need to show up 1 hour before picnic for a rundown of what’s going on.
2. You must follow the rules and uphold the rules.
3. Must report any issues that may occur during the day to help us keep everyone safe.
4. You are the face of this event, your actions will speak loudly about the event so remember to be respectful, and be a good example of what we really are.
5. Keep an eye out for Cops or park rangers that approach the group, try to intercept them from our guests and please comply with them. Tell them where the main hosts are and escort them to us so any issues can be resolved quickly and peacefully.
6. We wish everyone to have a safe and healthy day. Please keep an eye on the weather and change your outfit accordingly.

Rules and schedule are still subject to change.

More information

🌐 Web Page: press here


Cos+ 3rd Anniversary
Parque Luis Muñoz Rivera
March 11, 2017

Cosplay +Sz 3rd Anniversary 2017

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